Stagelighters Board

The Stagelighters board is made up of dedicated students who spend their time planning fundraisers, club events, and activities that will overall better the group. 

Stagelighters Board members Presidents- Anabel Alvarado and Hannah Katz
Vice President- Katie Reeser
Secretary- Lilly Daisey
Treasurer- Isha Singh
Historian- Courtney Maragos
Production Team Members
Choreographers- Hannah Katz and Lee Dugan
Light Designers- Shelby Henneberry, Jamison Hall
Sound Designers- Kaylee Baxter, Sophia Blanchard
Props Mistress- Joiya Licavoli
Set Artist- Piper Stankiewicz
Master Carpenter- Eric Glover
Marketing Chairs- Anabel Alvarado, Katie Reeser, Hannah Streaker
Assistant Stage Manager- Maddie Sellers
Stage Manager- Isha Singh

Production Team

The Production team is made up of dedicated students who work hard behind the scenes on making the Stagelighters productions come together.

ITS Board

The ITS Board is a made up of dedicated students who specifically work to create funding and awareness for the ITS Festival and Troupe 2921.
ITS Board Members President: Katie Reeser
Vice President: Anabel Alvarado
Clerk: Lilly Daisy